Polyester strap

Polyester strap

PET strap produced by SORSA is mainly used for strapping palletized loads such as brick and blocks, timber etc. PET strap can replace the traditional steel strap in many cases improving the quality of the packaging.

Very effective product for the steel industry, timber, baling etc. The long- term use of PET strap in combination with hand tools or fully automatic strapping systems vouch for the quality of packing heavy duty products with PET strap.

SORSA, offers a complete range of products with different sizes, roll lengths and type of coils.

Produced in green with an interior coil diameter of 406mm but also jumbo and super jumbo coils are available. This reduces the downtime and increases the productivity.

The main advantages compared to traditional steel strap are :

  •     Shock absorbency and elastic memory.  
  •     Adapt itself better to volume reduction.
  •     More meters per coil hence less down time.
  •     No rust so it doesn’t stain the product.
  •     In some cases, it avoids the use of edge protection.
  •     Easy to recycle.
  •     Strapping tools and machines are more economic to buy and maintain.