Quality and Code of Ethics

Continuous improvement in process management is a constant at Sistemas de packaging Sorsa, S.A., having the following certificates:

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 50001:2018

Our Quality Policy is focused on the complete satisfaction of our customers. To achieve this objective, we make every effort to meet the increasing requirements and expectations of our clients, as well as the applicable legal provisions, so that we can:

  • Guarantee the highest quality of our products.
  • Offer assistance to our clients in an efficient and fast manner.
  • Maintain the expectations of our clients at the highest levels of satisfaction in terms of delivery quantity and delivery time.
  • Maximum flexibility when adapting to continuous market changes.

The General Management expressly expresses its full and fundamental commitment to comply with the requirements and continually improve the Quality Management System in order to achieve compliance with the following objectives:

  • The main objective and the one that guarantees the survival of the company is customer satisfaction.
  • Management will promote and support the improvements necessary to achieve the objectives, with the involvement of all staff.
  • Quality is always susceptible to permanent and continuous improvement. Failures will be opportunities to learn, and should be used to eliminate the sources or causes that generated them.
  • Quality requires the collaboration and full participation of all hierarchical levels and for this, information, communication and training are essential.
  • Contamination prevention.

The General Management ensures that its Quality Policy is understood and accepted by all staff; and with the help of internal audits, it verifies that the Quality System maintains its efficiency and adequacy.​

The General Management also assumes a commitment to the prevention of pollution and the rational use of resources due to our activity.