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Founded in the year 1966, SORSA started from day one with the production of environmental quality products for packaging. 

Sorsa was one of the first European manufacturers to start producing PET strap in 1990.

Nowadays, we produce our PET and PP strap in Guixaró  ( Berga area ) and have our HQ in Santa Perpetua near Barcelona where we produce custom made strapping machines and auxiliary equipment.

The fact that we are the only company in Spain that produces a complete range of both equipment as well as consumables, has made us market leader on the domestic market. 

These last years, the company has had a continuous growth on both the domestic as well as on export markets, mainly in Europe but meanwhile on all continents.

80% of our turnover consists of products of our own production of which 30% are strapping machines whilst 70% is PP and PET strap.

Continuous technological innovation of our factory increases our efficiency, quality and continuity of our products. A skilled and prepared service minded team guarantees a correct after sales.

The confidence of more than 5000 customers worldwide, end users, O.E.M.’s and distributors   vouch for our quality and growth. We thank our customer base for this confidence and hope and trust to keep expanding with their support and loyalty.

Mission, Vision and Values


Our mission is to offer a high tech, ecological, custom made solutions at a competitive price level that meet the demands of our customers.  Our added value is the use of high quality raw materials to ensure a constant quality produced by skilled staff on state of the art production lines.



Our vision and goal is to be market leader both on the domestic market as well as on the export markets with high quality products and to be recognized by our customers as a company that differs from our competitors with a combination of quality, service and added value.

Política del Sistema Integrado de Gestión


Our long-term experience offering strapping solutions allows us to be present in different industrial branches such as timber, metallurgy, general packaging, paper, brick & blocks, canning industry, fruit & vegetables etc. and this in over 50 different countries worldwide. Our scope of supply includes the manufacturing and delivery but also the commissioning, training of the staff of the end user and after sales anywhere in the world.

Production facilities / Technology

At this moment, SORSA disposes of 2 factories in Spain. The strap Factory with its surface of 8000m2 where we produce our PP and PET strap is located in Casserres.

At the very start, our company chose to produce with production lines of mainly Italian manufacture but since the nineties, SORSA started to develop its own technology resulting in the production of our own production lines since that time.

At this moment, we dispose of 3 production lines for polypropylene strap and another 3 lines for the production of polyester strap. These lines are running 24/7 with a production of about 4 million meters a day!